It’s a Man’s World


It is a man’s world.

Because it’s a man’s world

Tayo cannot become an Engineer

Amaka cannot become the president, she said will disappoint

Tiwa cannot earn more than her husband

She should stay at home, cook stew that will cure fever.

Because it’s a man’s world

Gbemisola the rape victim was blamed

“why did you go to a man’s house? You wanted it? It’s your fault!”

It’s a man’s world

Where women are taught to close their legs and keep their virginity

And I’m taught to whore around as a sign of masculinity.


It’s a man’s world.

Because it’s a man’s world, a man mustn’t cry.

Emeka fights depression daily but no one cares

He mustn’t feel sad because the girl he loves left him

It’s a man’s world

The only thing that listens to a man is a bottle of alcohol.

Alcohol, the therapist that listens to your pain any time.

One bottle, two bottles, four bottles, eight, one crate, two crates.

Matriculation! Welcome to the University of cigarettes and drugs

Those three become his true companion, his therapy.

It’s only a matter of years he realise he has been robbed

Addicted made him a slave till the very end

Stole his joy and life because it’s a man’s world.

Who does this world truly belong to?

Is it his?

Is it hers?

Is it ours?


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